Новый прицеп самосвал PRONAR T700, Monocoque Tandem trailer, Top-Agro

новый прицеп самосвал PRONAR T700, Monocoque Tandem trailer, Top-Agro
Фото: новый прицеп самосвал PRONAR T700, Monocoque Tandem trailer, Top-Agro
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19 900 €
Цена без НДС
≈ 24 429 $
≈ 48 999 BYN
Модель T700, Monocoque Tandem trailer, Top-Agro
Тип прицеп самосвал
Место расположения Польша Zgorzelec
Дата размещения 16 Feb 2018
Номер в стоке продавца top59
Autoline ID RF12170
Количество осей 2
Размер резины 550/60-22.5
Состояние новый
Дополнительная информация: английский
New trailer Pronar T700

Price for standard version

Capacity: 14,4 T
Authorised max. speed: 40,0 kph
Braking method: pneumatic
Allowable total weight: 21000 [kg]
Loading space: 14.7 [m 2]
Loading case inside lenght: 6694 [mm]
Loading case inside width: 2180/2240 [mm]
Drawbar support: 8500/2550/3900
Sidewall height: 1500+830 (option) [mm]
Floor/wall thickness (mm): 4/4 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 1475 [mm]
Wheel track: 2000 [mm]
Suspension: parabolic springs
Hitch-ring load: 3000 [kg]
Tires: 550/60-22.5
Maximum speed: 40 [km/h]
Tipping system: 1-side
Minimum tractor power requirement: 124.8/91.7 [hp/kW]
Tipping angle (backwards: 55 [˚]
Tie-down rings in the floor: 10 pieces
Drawbar towing hitch: rigid with towing eye Ø40mm/ Ø50mm to couple with upper / lower hitch of the tractor
Braking system: double line pneumatic with automatic (ALB) braking speed controller

New trailer Pronar T700
Allowable total weight (technically) 24000 [kg]
Load capacity 14430 [kg]
Load volume with extensions height 830mm – additional equipment
without extensions – standard equipment 34.3/23 [m 3]
Telescopic cylinder (piston stroke/oil requirement/working pressure) 2990mm/40L/200bar

Standard equipment
Pneumatic brakes system
Hydraulically lifted tailgate with automatic pressing system
Chassis frame made of rectangular closed profiles
Drawbar support: mechanical straight
folded leg
Drawbar towing hitch- rotary with Ø50 towing eye
Tandem suspenssion on parabolic springs
Rigid axles equipped in drum brakes 400×120 (FAD)
Crank handbrake
Rear protective bumper homologated according to directive WE type folded
Rear lamps with protective grating
Front and rear mudguards made of plastic
Wheel chocks + racks (2 pcs)
Lighting system 12 V with side clearence lights and rear electrical socket
Tipping system with automatic cut-off valve and safety strings
Folded ladder and steps facilitating the access to the loading box
Windows on the front wall of the loading box
Rear grain damper
Chemically hardened painting materials UV-resistant
Chassis color red RAL3000 PRONAR
Sidewalls color green RAL 6010 PRONAR

Additional equipment (surcharge)
Drawbar towing hitch: rigid ball-type K80mm to couple with lower hitch of the tractor
Drawbar support- hydraulic straight with cut-off valve
Drawbar support- hydraulic folded leg with cut-off valve
Bogie axles with leaf springs and rear axle hydraulic blockade
Passively steered rear axle with hydraulic turning blockade
Rear sockets for hydraulic installation and brakes for second trailer
A set of steel mudguards-width does not exceeds 2550mm
Sidewall extensions height 830mm made of steel 2mm thickness and folded mesh window 30×30 on the extension of front wall
Grain chute spout
Rear manual hitch
Rear automatic hitch UNIMAR
Rear automatic hitch RO*400A4600
Tires 445/65R22,5 (18R22,5)
Tires 445/65R22,5 (18R22,5)Regenerated
Tires 20,5R22,5(50×20,0R22) Regenerated
Tires 600/55-26,5 – width of the trailer exceeds 2550mm
Tires 600/50 R22,5 – width of the trailer exceeds 2550mm
Tires 600/55-22,5 – width of the trailer exceeds 2550mm
Tires 700/50-26.5 – width of the trailer exceeds 2550mm
only with drum brakes 400×140 (ADR)
Tires 710/45-26.5 – width of the trailer exceeds 2550mm
only with drum brakes 400×140 (ADR)
Spare wheel (separately) 550/60-22,5
Spare wheel (separately) 445/65 R22.5 Regenerated
Spare wheel (separately) 445/65 R22.5
Spare wheel (separately) 20,5R22,5 (50×20,0R22) Regenerated
Spare wheel (separately) 600/55-26,5
Spare wheel (separately) 600/50 R22.5
Spare wheel (separately) 600/55-22.5
Spare wheel (separately) 700/50-26.5
Spare wheel (separately) 710/45-26.5
shock absorber for falling potatoes – three sets of rubber belts – 2,3m + 2,3m + 1,8m
mounted on the sidewall extensions (trailer must have extensions)
Slow-moving vehicle triangle
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